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Teen Wolf


2008 Presidential Race….

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Who will it be? ObamaClintonMcain

Last of the Breed…

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I was noticing that i was just about the last generation of children to NOT have Internet, Dvd’s, Cd’s, Ipods, Cell phones!, Xbox, Etc while growing up. It’s odd to think i actually survived childhood outside in the harsh weather playing ball or riding bikes. The days when a 37″ Television was huge! and it didn’t matter how deep the set went into the corner. When you could not wait to go back outside to “play”. When you actually had to look for information you needed. When Boxing matches were as big as they once were. When things were affordable and down right simpler.

Welcome !

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Welcome to my first blog post, the general idea and reasoning behind this blog is to talk about my generation. “GENERATION Y”

Wikipedia states “The term Generation Y first appeared in an August 1993 magazine AD Age editorial to describe those children born between 1980–1995.[1] The scope of the term has changed greatly since then, to include, in many cases, anyone born as early as 1976 and late as 2000.”

I would like to think that our generation will be very influential in many ways in the near future. The 2008 Presidential Race is a great example. All of us ages 18-30ish should know that this election is one of, if not the most important in our history. This would of course take us to 2012. Many speculate on what will happen in this year of great prophecy and speculation. Our next president will be the one to see us through it all. So who are you voting for?

I’ll be also focusing on alot of stuff from my childhood relating to our generation. Movies, Music, Games, Toys, Etc…

Stay Tuned….(Wasn’t that a movie with John Ritter?)